Wine Tours in Queretaro

Make a little trip to visit the wineries in the state of Quéretaro, México. We would recommend to stay in Tequisquiapan, a beautiful village about 30 minutes outside of Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. The village has a very picturesque spanish style plaza with many good restaurants that serve the local wines. There are also some very nice wine and cheese bars, where one can sample local cheeses paired with the local wines. There are some very nice hotels right on or very near to the plaza in all different price ranges.

From Tequisquiapan it is about 15 min drive to "La Redonda" wineries

The winery has free tours once a day during the week and every hour on the weekend. You can sample their wines for free and the tour is very interesting, although it is a very small winery. They plant Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Noir, a local grape called Salvador and just started to plant Tempranillo, of which they don´t offer any wines yet. Their 2004 Malbec-Cabernet called Orlandi is pretty good; they also make some very good sparkling wine, which they produce using the "Methode champenoise". The winery is owned by an Italian family, they offer italian food at the weekends.

From La Redonda it is a 5 minutes drive to Freixenet of Mexico (Mexican subidiary of the spanish company):

Freixenet also offers a free tour, where one can visit the deepest cavas in the Americas (25 mts). They also produce the sparkling wines (cavas) following the methode champenoise. They make excellent sparkling wines. Freixenet also has their own winebar in Tequisquiapan, where they offer Freixenet wines from all over the world. Very interesting, so you can sample wine make from the same grapes from the same company from different continents.

The village Tequisquiapan also has a wine & cheese festival end of May, I will definetely visit again for this occasion:
All the information you need to plan your visit to the Queretaro, Mexico. Maintained by - Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico.